London flamenco and rhythm classes


My aim at flamenco academy is to give students of all levels a rounded experience and education of flamenco to the best of my ability.

We focus on all areas: making body movements stronger and adding dynamism to develop your own personal style, improving speed and power of feet and fine tuning them into the percussive instruments they need to be, strengthening rhythm and coordination which helps all aspects of your dancing, and learning how to mount choreographies. 

I always want to challenge my students to build more strength and stamina and achieve their goals while making it fun and enjoyable. 


— Ollie Giffin 


Flamenco Academy Oxford Launch

We are excited to announce the expansion of Flamenco Academy, with a new school in Oxford. 

Find out more details on our dedicated page.



Book your place now for the 3 day intensive course 15th - 17th November



  Timetable for 2019

 Term resumes Monday 7th January 2019

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Classes at the Academy are great, balanced between hard workout and inspiring artform. Ollie makes classes a treat! He coaches his students to find the flamenco in them while respecting the rules of technique and tradition.
— Annya, Advanced Student
Para progresar, técnica, para técnica, Oliver.
— Silvia, Advanced Student
Every time I leave the class invigorated and full of passion. Without a doubt, Ollie’s dedication to flamenco as a teacher and dancer is both encouraging and makes you feel part of the wonderful world of this Andalucían dance and art form, right here in London!
— Ruth, Intermediate Student
Style, technique and stamina are studied in a way I’ve never experienced before. My level has hugely improved, and I’ve become part of a warm community of dancers led by a teacher who really encourages his students and their aspirations for their dancing careers, however big or small...Unique
— Marta, Advanced Student
Precision and rhythm. Since joining his classes I’ve made some serious improvements in my understanding and control of compás. He teaches a great mix of technique and choreography that builds and strengthens footwork while helping to develop those shapes that make flamenco so distinctive. If you try a class there’ll be no looking back.
— Gavin, Intermediate Student


Get in touch for any questions on classes, workshops, private tuition or any other queries. 

                            31 Jewry Street, EC3N 2ET

                          31 Jewry Street, EC3N 2ET

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