Do I need any dance experience to start flamenco beginners?
No experience needed, we teach from beginners up to a professional level.  At the beginner level we start with the basic techniques learning how to use the feet percussively and how to strengthen body and arm movements.  We also cover rhythm and coordination to build foundations early on as a big part of flamenco is in the timing and musicality.

What is the Rhythm class?
It's a class that is designed to strengthen rhythm, coordination and confidence. The first part of every class, we start with a palmas (clapping) exercise studying and becoming comfortable with Contratiempo (off beat). This is done in groups, in pairs and individually with me. We discuss the correct technique for using our hands and how to get the right sound from them. I teach students how to count...Purely as a technique to improve the ear and timing and also to learn about the structure of footwork. Finally I teach students how to play palmas and do footwork at the same time to improve, build and challenge their coordination.  

What should I wear for flamenco classes?
Its very important to be comfortable in class so its always recommended to wear breathable clothes that you can move freely in. Also more importantly footwear is key and until you can invest in a pair of flamenco shoes wear closed shoes that have a low and solid heel. 

How much do classes cost and do I need to pay in advance?
All 2hr classes are £18, and 1.5hr classes are £16, and you pay per class.

Do I need to sign up or book for classes?
There is no registration needed except for beginners short courses but I do ask students to send me an email before they come so we can discuss which level class will suit them best. I want every student to get the most out of each class they do, so it's very important we find the right class to suit your needs.

Do you have intensive courses and workshops?
Throughout the year I hold intensive weekend workshops with guest teachers from Spain. The courses are very flexible and have a wide range of disciplines, ranging from technique and choreography to bulerias, or singing and castanets to guitar.


Can I cancel once I have booked the course? 

Yes! If you need to cancel your place on the course, Refunds will be offered up to 10 days prior to course start date. Refunds will be given in Flamenco Academy vouchers for future courses or weekly Rhythm classes.

Do you have classes for children? if not, can they come to the adult classes?
At the moment there are no classes specifically designed for children but in the future there will be a class added to the timetable. The adult classes are suitable for all ages ranging from early teens upwards..... you can never be too young or old for flamenco!

Are students expected to take part in shows and end of term performances?
There will be a chance to perform towards the end of each year. Shows are not compulsory but are a great way to show friends and family what you have been learning. Most importantly performing is another learning tool in itself; it builds confidence and self awareness and gives you the opportunity to grow and express outside of the classroom environment.

Do you perform?
I am a dancer first. Throughout the year I perform and choreograph for shows and projects. I still study myself as there is never a point in flamenco when you stop learning and as an artist I must stay on top of my game, challenging myself and breaking barriers. But my second love is teaching, I get so much from sharing flamenco with people both on stage and in the classroom. It's especially fun teaching beginners, as you take people with no prior knowledge of this amazing and magical art form and then with time you see the presence and form starting to appear. Flamenco is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and discipline, but it is incredibly rewarding.